Proaxiom’s Case Management Solution, Trident™, manages customers, cards and accounts, merchants, suspects, customer and police correspondence and reports relating to fraud files plus voucher requests and chargeback processing for both fraud and disputes cases.

Fraud departments are under ever increasing pressure to identify, investigate and track fraudulent activities. At the same time they are required to integrate rapid processing and minimise financial loss to their organisation and clients.
Trident manages fraud and disputes cases through the whole cycle from initial case creation through to write offs and recoveries. A major advantage of Trident is the ability to integrate with the organisation’s core card and customer management systems. This integration allows Trident to retrieve card and customer data directly from the core systems producing vast time savings and ensuring integrity of the data.

Trident is fully web-enabled for ease of deployment and maintenance, and has been designed to run on any J2EE-Compatable webserver, using any JDBC-Compliant database. It is extensible and scalable to meet your institution’s demands and can be adapted to align with your organisation’s core processes and business objectives.

  • Trident allows for several levels of automation. Options for full automation, user-initiated file creation, and manual entry, provide a balance between automating processes and retaining maximum flexibility in the creation and maintenance of case files.
  • Trident is an end-to-end, integrated, fraud and disputes case management system. Trident allows for document and barcode scanning, together with account reconciliation. Outputs from Trident are available in a number of formats (PDF, CSV, XLS, XML and Raw Text).
  • Trident integrates a workflow tracking system with document production and account reconciliation functionality. Cases may be prioritised and placed in job queues for effective and efficient utilisation of manpower.
  • Trident is scalable beyond credit card fraud so as to include cheque, debit card and even internal fraud case management. Trident can be used to track fraud and disputes cases in all currencies.

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