Reachout is a semi-automated customer contact system. The beauty of being semi-automated is that no programming is required to interface with Reachout. Altering existing systems can prove to be an expensive exercise, however a lot of systems have the ability to run simple CSV reports with minimal effort.

This is where Reachout shines.

The CSV file containing the customers that need contacting can be extracted from an organisations current system, and then uploaded to Reachout to start automatically calling, emailing and texting the customers based on pre-determined “campaigns”.

This system has been leveraged by companies (specifically in the energy industry) to “reachout” to their customers for the following reasons:

Collection Management
Planned and Unplanned Power Outages
Switch In and Switch Out Requests
The use of “campaigns” allows companies to customize the messages they are wanting to send out for specific purposes.

Reachout helps to bridge the gap between a company and their customers allowing for a more personal customer interaction experience.

For further information on Reachout, or to request a demonstration, please contact Proaxiom.

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