Project Management

Proaxiom offers a high level of both business and technical support to its clients. Our systems architects, business analysts and project managers are on hand to assist when required, and ensure that maximum business benefit and return on investment are gained from the implementation of our solutions.

A typical project will follow a typical format:

  • Requirements definition
  • Design
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Implementation
  • Support

Often, these stages have a degree of overlap, and due to the adoption of Project Management Best Practices (following PMI principles) we make it an absolute priority to ensure that all of our projects are delivered within the pre-defined constraints of Scope, Schedule, Quality and Cost.

There are several key intitatives that we employ to ensure that our projects meet and exceed our clients requirements and expectations:

Discovery Phase:

Prior to engaging in systems design and development for a client, we often go through a Discovery Phase first, normally on location with the client, to enable us to determine exactly what the systems requirements are and how best to adapt our solutions to fit the precise needs of your organisation. Flexibility is a core principle at Proaxiom, and we adapt our systems to fit in with our clients preferred business processes, instead of insisting our clients change their processes to accomodate the system.

Often, the cost of the Discovery phase will be reimbursed to the client if they choose to proceed with a systems implementation.

Communications Management and Client Liasion:

Effective communication and a visable presence is fundamental to the success of any project. For this reason, we follow a proven and refined process of communicating with our clients, including pre-project communications, project documentation and on-site assistance as required by the client.

Risk Management:

Risk identification and risk/issue mitigation is critical in all stages of a projects lifecycle. Through effective requirements analysis and a rigorous design phase, we aim to identify and minimise any potential issues that may arise during the course of the project. We then engage in a continual process of risk and issue management through the lifecycle of the project.

Testing Procedures:

Proaxiom are proud of the quality of our systems, and employ a combination of continual unit testing during development and automated regression testing with pre-defined, client specific test cases prior to systems delivery. We then support our clients throughout Integration Testing and User Acceptance Testing, and provide an unconditional guarantee on implementation to ensure the system meets the requirements and expectations of our clients.