Data-Entry of paper forms remains an unfortunate reality for many large organisations. Optimisation of this process provides both reduced costs and faster processing times, but care must be taken to ensure accuracy levels remain high. By developing an optimised user interface for high-volume data-capture, Proaxiom have developed an intelligent HUK (Heads Up Keying) system that provide significant increases in the speed and accuracy of data-entry systems. User testing against our industry standard benchmark reveals a 5.4% increase in speed and a 9.9% decrease in error-rates using the DCS system, improvements that are highly valuable when translated into real-world performance gains.
The Proaxiom DCS (Data Capture Suite) has been designed and developed by Proaxiom to specifically address the issues of high speed data capture. The focus for development has been on enhanced levels of speed, accuracy and usability, following the principles of ‘User Centric Design’. The result has been an application that can be deployed either as a stand alone product, or as the ideal high speed data capture module for the MAPS Application Processing System.
Some of the advanced features of the DCS module include:

Field Following – Field following allows the keying operator to quickly ascertain the field they are entering data into. As they move between fields on the form, a highlighted box moves on the corresponding scanned image, enabling fast visual reference.
Status Highlighting – A variety of different highlighting colours have been implemented to distinguish between different field entry requirements.
Quick-Skip – The Quick-Skip feature allows the user to quickly skip over an optional section by using the Enter key when indicated. This removes the need for repeated Tabbing.
In-Field error message – Alerts the operator to input errors (for example an invalid date) directly at the point of entry.
Delayed Error Correction – Advanced methods for detecting and fixing errors on the page (either input errors or incorrect data entry errors) ensure that the keying process and error correction can be completed in the fastest possible time with extreme accuracy.

For further information on the DCS module, or to request a demonstration, please contact Proaxiom.