CMS – Collection Management System

A collections management system that manages and monitors your customers from a credit collections perspective. CMS is a scalable solution, that offers flexible integration adapting to your preferred business process.

 How CMS Works

  • Manages your customers from a credit perspective by monitoring a customer’s current balance and treating the customer according to Credit Management’s Policy.
  • Customers are assessed on a cyclic basis to determine whether they require monitoring or if an existing collection status requires action.
  • Collection actions are managed at a customer level, ensuring customers receive one summary collection action rather that multiple individual collections.

Key Features

Customised Collection Strategy

  • Create and customise “Collections Paths” for specific purposes and customer bases/profiles, automate collection actions with the ability to handle specific customers manually.

Centralised Control with user-maintained parameters

  • Set and maintain parameters as per your organisations credit policy through the graphic user interface.

Integrate with a behavioral assessment system

  • Ability to integrate with a behavioral assessment system to provide a high quality and powerful customer risk assessment.


  • Quality reports that provide accurate insights into your collection strategy effectiveness.

For more information on CMS, please contact Proaxiom.