Design Architecture

Proaxiom are specialists at designing and deploying applications for use in a service orientated architecture environment, developing applications that integrate with the existing environment of the organisation. This SOA approach allows business strategy to be developed and executed in a timely and efficient manner through the flexible architecture design and principle of service re-use.

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is an architectural approach that allows business processes to be composed or orchestrated as a set of linked services. The approach uses open standards to make a company’s business operations more effective and collaborative.

SOA enables the integration of disparet systems into a common framework. SOA offers the opportunity to integrate silo systems and to concentrate on the processes that overlay those applications. It provides an application infrastructure which meets the different requirements of the various departments and segments within the organisation.

A Service Orientated Architecture environment has three distinct benefits:

  • Architectual Partitioning – The ability to take large, complex systems and break them down into elements, or services, that can be operated independently, and can be grouped in a way that makes the overall environment more flexible.
  • Incremental development and adoption – SOA allows for services to be added incrementally.
  • Reuse of services – Reuse in the SOA context basically means Sharing. This brings not only a cost benefit but a quality benefit to the system, as best practice developments can be used as a service by a variety of different applications.

SOA is the approach that allows us to make IT systems flexible again and have them keep up with the needs of the business and implement some of these strategies. In order to be able to achieve the flexibility, we have to be able to reuse some of the things that we have already done and make the change process for IT systems simplier and easier.

SOA is a guiding methodology that will have a fundamental and lasting impact on the technology platforms within organisations, and the vendors that these organisations will want to work with are the ones that are taking that long term view and are going to provide the level of consistency and continuity over the long term. Proaxiom is dedicated to ensuring that our applications work within the SOA environment, and providing support to our clients in order to comply with their level of SOA maturity.